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Google is penalizing sites that are over optimized. This new penalty will target websites that are currently over optimized with penalties that could reduce your search engine ranking. Over optimization has become the “new search engine spam” (Fusco, 2012). To ensure your site is not considered to be overly optimized check your site for previous

The Changing Landscape of SEO

SEO’s constantly changing landscape requires up to date optimization with changing practices to operate efficiently in today’s fast paced day. The new Panda and Penguin updates are requiring major changes in the way SEO companies are marketing. Content production is becoming much more than just a few tweaks and keywords. Keywords may need to be

Bing to duel Google with Facebook-friendly format

By MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Technology Writer – 18 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft’s Bing search engine is heading in a new direction as it drills deeper into Facebook’s social network and Twitter’s messaging service to showcase information unlikely to be found on Google. The changes, unveiled Thursday, will reshape how Bing displays its search