Social Media in the Daily Life of Web Users

Far from complete, here is a brief (but current) breakdown of social media usage. It is (obviously) ramping up in adoption and is woven intricately into the daily lives of many web users. This trend has no sign of slowing down.


What Sources of Info Users Trust Completely on Social Media

In general, complete trust is at a premium online (and in real life, too, to be fair). People tend to trust their friends over brands, but they also tend to trust brands over independent bloggers.

  • 26% trust blog posts written by people they know
  • 23% trust posts by friends on Facebook
  • 12% trust their friends’ Twitter streams
  • 11% trust corporate blogs (We brand marketers have work to do!)
  • 9% trust Facebook updates from brands or companies
  • 8% trust fellow community member comments
  • 8% trust brand representative comments in online communities
  • 6% trust brand-run Twitter streams
  • 6% trust blog posts by independent bloggers
  • 5% trust independent blogger’s Twitter streams

When building trust in social media, people look at the following features to evaluate just how trustworthy a site or account is. Factors which build trust in social media:

  • 64% trust social media more if the dialogue is open to both positive and negative comments
  • 60% trust social media more if the author or sponsor is responsive
  • 38% trust social media more based on the size of the sponsor or authors following


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