A few answers to common questions

General Questions

Can my clients register online for the Customer Portal?

No. Currently there is no automatic online registration. All users are published from your CRM system from the contacts module which triggers an email to your client to complete registration. You can however, create a form for registration to alert you or your employees to set up this user. Please contact us if you need a custom solution.

My company has multiple product divisions and / or departments. Can I restrict my support staff or clients by product division?

Yes. You can set up product divisions within the ‘Products’ module. The product field acts as a division within the Customer Portal. Enter types or product categories to use as an additional filter. User permissions can be set per product division for both support staff and client contacts.

My clients are agencies with multiple accounts each. Does the Customer Portal allow support for this?

Yes. Simply create the users for each agency as client contacts in the CRM. Publish and assign accounts and products relevant per agent and/ or agency. Using user roles, you can create doorway pages to the support portal per Agency for agency-specific content.

Can the customer portal work with other CRM systems?

No. Currently this plugin only works with SugarCRM CE and SuiteCRM systems. However, we are constantly improving our products. Please check back at a later time or contact us with a request for a custom integration.

Can users upload attachments to tickets?

Yes. Users can upload multiple attachments to the ticket. Links to the attachments are recorded in the CRM case.

My company uses outside contractors, Can I use the Customer Portal to collaborate on account projects and services?

Yes. Simply set up contractors as client contacts within the CRM and assign to either ‘all accounts’ or specified accounts and product divisions in your Portal. In this way, employees can record and discuss account issues as part of an internal process using tickets privately. Client Contacts are restricted to items directly assigned to them in the portal.

Can I add contacts to email notifications or invoices?

No. This can be done in your CRM System however. Within the portal there is one client contact and one support staff assigned to either tickets, estimates or invoices for email notifications. If you need a custom solution, please contact us to discuss.

Can I set up a support user as a manager or super user?

Not technically, however, support staff users have permissions to view all records within the portal of assigned accounts & products. You can set a support staff member which has access to all accounts and / or product divisions.

Can I respond to tickets from the email notification?

Yes. You must first set up the Email Piping within the plugin. All responses are recorded to the portal in the ticket comments and also recorded in the CRM system.

Can I respond to a ticket in the CRM case and have it publish to the Customer Portal?

Not at this time. Currently, only the Tickets from the Customer Portal write to the CRM cases. All responses to the Tickets are recorded within the Notes module and attached to the case, client contact and assigned support staff. Please check back for future updates to the core functionality.

I just need a ticketing solution, can I turn off estimates and invoicing?

Yes. Permissions for these modules are set per user within the plugin. Just set each user to ‘Tickets only’.

Can I create estimates and invoices on the fly using the Customer Portal?

No. The Customer Portal is CRM-Driven to ensure all account activities are maintained in one place.

Can I set up only certain users to see Estimates and Invoices?

Yes. Permissions for modules are set per users within the plugin.

Can I use this with QuickBooks or other accounting software?

Yes, however, the connection must be done through your CRM System using a third-party plugin.

I use field agents, can the Customer Portal be used to approve estimated costs or take a deposit on location?

Yes. Employees can use either tablets or their mobile phones to get client approval on estimated costs. Estimates and invoices are all created first within the CRM and published to the Customer Portal. The estimates and invoices can be created by the employee or if restricted, by approved employees in your CRM system and pushed to the Portal.

Customizations & Extras

Can I create custom estimate templates?

Yes. Create your templates in your CRM system using the ‘PDF Templates’ module. You can display as many fields as you like and / or custom messages. The estimates are uploaded using the templates in your CRM. NOTE: To keep your estimates responsive in the Customer Portal, avoid defining table and/ or field size in your templates.

Can I change the invoice template?

Invoice templates are a bit trickier than estimates. Estimate data and line item information is not stored in the Customer Portal database. Invoicing, on the other hand, requires more in-depth data processing and protection. Please contact us to create and / or install any custom invoice templates.

Can I set users to view and pay their invoices without logging into the Portal?

Yes. You can display invoices on the front-end of the website. You must create a blank page and specify in WP-Invoice this page for display. The invoice will only show with using the correct link and ID. However, we recommend using a login for additional data protection.

My company provides on-going monthly services, can I set up recurring monthly billing?

Yes. This is done through the payment gateways. Currently only Authorize.net offers automatic recurring billing. This must be set through their services and all payments for recurring invoices will be recorded in the customer portal and CRM.

Can I set the email ‘from to’ address to my company’s email?

Yes. Your WordPress site comes built with several plugins including ‘WP Simple Email Sender’ to specify a custom from to and reply to email address.

Can I set the portal to send invoice reminders?

Yes. This can be done using either WP-Invoice settings or through your CRM system.

Does this come with Reports?

Not at this time. Since the customer portal is CRM-driven, reports would be handled within your CRM-System. Please contact us if you have specific reporting needs. We are experienced using Jasper reports and can create branded, custom pdf reports.

Can I customize the email notifications sent from the Customer Portal?

Yes. All email notifications are easily customized using predefined global variables.

Can I create additional pages for specific users and / or groups?

Yes. We have installed a user role manager plugin which allows you create new user roles you can assign to WP-Users. With our login redirection plugin, you can land them on specified pages per user role.

Can I install a custom design for my Customer Portal?

Yes. Custom designs can be created by either our design team or your own. Please contact us for pricing on any custom solution.

Can I use the WordPress site for my main website?

Yes, however, to allow access to install themes or additional plugins will result in additional charges. An upfront fee for set up and an increased monthly amount for hosting. Pricing will be determined after accessing the scope of work, storage and average monthly traffic to site.

I need a new website and CRM system, can you assist to create an end-to-end solution?

Yes. Creating innovative solutions is what we do! We partner with some of the best in the industry from Website Design to digital marketing solutions, we’ve got you covered!

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