CRM Plugin Settings

CRM Plugin Settings

After the plugin is successfully verified and installed:

  1. Login to your crm and navigate to Admin >>  FenixRiseCustomerPortal Configuration. 
  2. Fenix Portal Subdomain:  Enter a name for the subdomain: eg: ‘mycompany’.  You do not need to specify the full url.
  3. Portal Admin Email:  Enter an email to use for the Portal Admin.  This can be a different email from the CRM admin user.
  4. Click ‘Save’.  This will set up your portal.  When completed, the remaining fields update after the setup is complete.

NOTE: This email creates the portal admin user and will be used for all portal notifications.  You can specify a different email to be used as the ‘From’ address for your email notifications.

With this step complete, your portal is now ready to configure in WordPress.

You will receive a new user registration for your portal in the email you specified above.  Click to register and log into your new customer portal!