Hosted Solution Overview

Hosted Solution Overview

Fenix Net Solutions will create a WordPress website to host the portal and keep all the connections secure using SSL. Your support portal will act as the home page of the website and can be integrated seamlessly with your existing website. Portal domains are set up as sub-domains of using specified prefix from your order eg: You can use this URL or use one of your own domains to point to your hosted portal URL.

Company Website Integration

You will need to use either a sub-domain of for your existing site (eg: or a new domain (eg: for this method.

  • Download and install plugin to your Sugar/ SuiteCRM application.
  • Click ‘activate’ in the portal settings to launch your new customer portal.
  • After installing, follow documentation for instructions to set up portal users, accounts and products, etc. within your WordPress administration.
  • Contact your Network Administrator to update DNS records to point your company website (subdomain or new domain) to read from
  • Specify a ‘From’ email and From sender name of your company website email.

That’s it!  Your customer portal will now be fully integrated with your company website.