User Guide: Estimates

User Guide: Estimates

Estimate Assignment:

Estimates are assigned in the portal to the support staff that is the ‘Assigned User’ of the estimate in your CRM instance.  The Client Contact will be attached as well as the Account that is on the estimate in the CRM.

Publishing an Estimate from CRM:

Estimates will not show in the Customer Portal until you publish them.  After creating your estimate, make sure you have the correct contact, account and assigned to user before publishing.   Click the button ‘Publish’ at the top menu.


Email Notifications:

Estimates notifications will go out to the Client Contact and also the Assigned to User/ Support Staff.

Note: Customize your email templates for estimates in Fenixrise >>Email Settings


Viewing the Estimate in the Portal:

Estimates can only be viewed within the Portal if the user has the appropriate permissions and only to those assigned to the estimate.

Attaching an Estimate to a Ticket:

Estimates can be attached to a Ticket.  For this, you will need to make sure you have Estimates related to your Cases Module within the CRM.  The estimate will publish as a response to the Ticket and also show in the Estimates list in the Portal.  This is especially helpful if the issue requires and upgrade and/ or additional billable services in which need approval.

Estimate Approval:

Estimates can be approved in the Portal by simply clicking on ‘Approve’.  This will record within the Estimate in the ‘Approval Status’ field.

Replying to an Estimate from Case:

If an Estimate is attached to a Case, responses will be handled the same as tickets.  All responses will be recorded to the Case Updates Threaded log within the case.  If you are using Email Routing for the Portal, you can also respond to tickets via email.   


Editing an Estimate:

Estimates cannot be edited in the Portal once they have been published.  You can delete them by clicking on the trash icon in the action buttons in the list view of Estimates.


Closing an Estimate:

To close an Estimate, simply click on the check mark action button in the list view of Estimates.

Note: Both Open and Closed estimates are viewable but held in a separate menu in the left sidebar ‘Quick Links’ section.