CRM Integration Settings

Portal / CRM Integration Settings

  1. Login to your WordPress Portal dashboard and go to Fenixrise >> Integration >> Sugar/SuiteCRM. 
  2. Soap URL:  This is the URL of SOAP web service endpoint. The URL should end with “service/v4_1/soap.php?wsdl”,

    If your SugarCRM  is hosted on Sugar On-Demand, the URL will be: https://[your_sugar_ondemand_subdomain]/service/v4_1/soap.php?wsdl

    If SugarCRM/SuiteCRM installed as root web application, the URL will be like this: https://[hostname]:[port]/service/v4_1/soap.php?wsdl

    if SugarCRM is installed for example under “sugar” path, the URL will be: https://[hostname]:[port]/sugar/service/v4_1/soap.php?wsdl 

  3. User Name:  Select or create a new user in your CRM with access to create/udpate contacts, accounts, cases, invoices, estimates and enter here.
  4. Password:  Enter the password for user from the CRM.  Note:  Passwords must match!
  5. Application Version:  Enter ‘0.1’
  6. Application Name:  This is the system name of your CRM application.  You can find it in Admin >>  System Settings >> System Name.