Portal Users/ Contacts Setup

Portal Users/ Contacts Setup

Step 1: Publish CRM Client Contacts

  1. Login to your SugarCRM/ SuiteCRM and go to Contacts.
  2. For each contact you would like to add to the customer portal, open the contact in detail view.
  3. Verify selected contact  is linked to a valid account published to the Customer Portal.
  4. Select a portal user type.  Specify if the contact is a standard user or agent.   An agent can be assigned multiple accounts within the portal and has access to view estimates and invoicing.  Standard users are restricted to entering in support tickets only and will only have permissions for the primary account attached to the contact.  Please refer to Portal Users Overview if you are unsure which User Type to choose.
  5. Click ‘Publish’

Step 2: Publish CRM Support Users

Create a contact for each support user*.  The ‘Publish’ button will be pre-installed in the Detail View for both the Accounts and Contacts Module.

*Important!  Set the ‘Assigned User’ of the contact as the crm user.  This is needed for mapping!

Step 3: Verify Contacts Imports

  1. Login to your WordPress Portal dashboard and go to Users.
  2. Verify contacts imports and make any necessary edits for email notifications. 

Users will receive an email notification with instructions to register to the portal upon publishing.