User Guide: Payments

User Guide: Payments

Payment Options Overview:

WP-Invoice adds robust billing and invoicing functionality to your Customer Support Portal. For complete documentation please view here.

  • Enable or limit clients to choose between PayPal and Credits cards for payments and setup a different payment option for each invoice.
  • Credit card payments can be accepted via or MerchantPlus NaviGate.
  • Recurring billing using’s ARB (Automatic Recurring Billing) feature or PayPal with Instant Payment Notification system.
  • Support for Barclay’s ePDQ and more gateways coming soon!

Online Pay Now:

Available Payment Gateways


Note: If you don’t want to use payment gateways but offline payments, or if an invoice has no payment gateways enabled, the text in this field will appear as a message to the customer, offering guidance on how to pay you. Write a short text with your bank account number or any other way you want to accept the offline payment.

Partial Payments:

WP-Invoice allows partial payments.  To set this option got to Fenixrise >>Integration >> WP-Invoice >> WP-Invoice Global Settings from your WordPress admin.

Recurring Billing:

How does it work?

Basically, WP-Invoice doesn’t handle the whole process of recurring payments or subscriptions. It just initiates them and then listens for payment notifications from payment services (in case if webhooks set up properly). Subscription initiation happens when users pay recurring invoice first time (actually, they do not need to pay that invoice again). WP-Invoice plugin listens to payment services for payment notifications. To be sure payments will be reflected in invoice lo just set up ‘webhooks’ in you merchant accounts. Webhook URL you can find in Settings -> Payment under each of payment gateways.

  • net – Silent Post
  • PayPal – Instant Payment Notifications
  • 2Checkout – URL/INS URL
  • Stripe – Webhook URL.

Note:  You must have your own merchant account with one of the listed payment gateways which accept online payments.

Email Notifications:

Payment notifications will go out to the Client Contact and also the Assigned to User/ Support Staff.

Note: Customize your email templates for payments in Fenixrise >>Email Settings

Payment Receipts:

Payment Receipts are sent via email to the Client Contact and also the Assigned to User/ Support Staff.


Viewing the Payment in the Portal:

Payment information is recorded and viewable on the invoice on the right hand column.

All Invoices with completed payments are considered to be ‘closed’ and are viewable using the right-hand menu ‘Quick Links’ section.

Viewing the Payment in the CRM:

All Payments are recorded in a new Payments module installed with the FenixRise Customer Portal plugin.

Marking an Invoice as ‘Paid’:

All Invoices are marked as paid automatically when using online billing.  However, if you need to record a manual payment, you can do so using the Payments module.  Make sure you have created a relationship with the Invoice and after entering your payment information, just click ‘Publish’.