WP-Invoice Integration

WP-Invoice Integration Settings

WP-Invoice has been integrated with both the Customer Portal and with your SugarCRM / SuiteCRM application.  Invoices are created within the CRM and can published to the Customer Portal within the CRM instance.   Recurring billing options are set within the CRM and carried over when published to the CRM.   From there, WP-Invoice is used to process payments through available payment gateways: Paypal, MerchantPlus.com and other Authorize.net Gateways, InterKassa, Stripe and 2Checkout.

NOTE:  If using SugarCRM, you must have the Advanced Open Sales module installed.   

Invoicing is driven in within your CRM system.  You do not need to set up the line items or worry about front-end features within the WP-Invoice Plugin.  The following instructions will give you the required information needed to run.

  1. Login to your WordPress Portal dashboard and go to Fenixrise >> Integration >> WP-Invoice >> Main. 
  2. Enter Company Information.
  3. Enter Tax Handling Information
  4. In Advanced Settings, set only the first three payment options and make sure ‘Turn off compatibility mode’ is checked.  The rest of the options are handled through the Portal and CRM.
  5. Next enter Payment information.  Go to Fenixrise >> Integration >> WP-Invoice >> Payment
  6. Choose your default currency, payment method and gateway.
  7. Login to your SugarCRM/ SuiteCRM dashboard and go to PDF Templates
  8. Open the Estimate and Invoice Templates and copy and paste the into the HTML window of the wysiwyg.   You will need a full path to your company logo for the display online.  Look for this tag and replace with your full path to your company logo: <img src=”http://<domain>/<full path>/company_logo.png” alt=”” />